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Abitanti 45168
Livello sul mare 575 metri
Aeroporto più vicino Malaga
Distanza dall'aeroporto 50 km
Distanza dalla spiaggia 50 km
Temperatura massima 40 °C
Temperatura minima 5 °C


Antequera is a charming town, located 62 kilometres north of the city of Malaga, set behind the national park el Torcal and a close distance from the lakes at el Chorro. Its appearance is like its neighbouring towns and villages, whitewashed walls with terracotta roof tiles, typically Andalusian.

Antequera is far from just being a getaway, a distance from the hustle and bustle; it’s a diverse and fascinating location in its own right. There are many things to see both in the town and the surrounding area. The chance to frolic in the lakes or ramble around El Torcal are unmissable.

The journey to Malaga takes around 55 minutes by car. Malaga airport is 60 kilometres away, approximately 50 minutes journey.

Antequera has a long and fascinating history; it has been a settlement since the native Iberians of the Bronze Age. Since then it has been a sought after location by every invading force, which has afforded the town a great diversity of historical interest: burial mounds, dolmens, Roman baths, a Moorish castle, Gothic churches, Renaissance fountains and baroque bell towers.

Antequera is dominated in the most part by its medieval architecture, having many gothic spires strewn across the town, but the Moorish fortress is possibly the most imposing and impressive monument.

Natural surroundings
There is an enormous crag of limestone, which overlooks Antequera offering spectacular views, it is named Lovers Leap after a legend that a young Christian man and his beautiful Moorish lover leapt from the peak rather then renounce their love.

The land surrounding Antequera is rich and fertile farmland, irrigated by the Guadalhorce River, and has been one of Andalusia’s most fertile landscapes for many centuries.

Like most of the region, agriculture is a driving industry for Antequera, cultivating such products as olives and cereals; it’s also an important centre for asparagus cultivation.

El Torcal stands tall and proud directly to the south of Antequera, a Natural Park Reserve since 1978, with its mountainous range of extreme curiosity, since it does not fit the landscape it sits in. During the Jurassic age, around 150 million years ago the huge amount of limestone that was to become El Torcal was pushed up from the sea bed. Exposed to the elements the 17 square kilometres that make up the nature reserve were formed. The landscape is eerie and almost alien, dominated by what appear to be goliath discs stacked upon one another.

El Chorro is Andalusia’s lake district, and a perfect alternative to the beach. It is located around 30 kilometres west of Antequera. The lakes are surrounded by pine forest. A day out there can include canoeing, peddle boating, fishing, picnics, eating out or just replenishing sunbathing.

Antequera's nearest golf course is Antequera Golf, which enjoys the spectacular surroundings of El Torcal.

Antequera has its own unique flavour, the delicious Gazpacho and Porra dishes both hail from Antequera and Bienmesabe is a must for dessert lovers.

Antequera enjoys a sub-tropical Mediterranean climate, with hot summers and warm winters. Divided from the sea by the mountains means the heat can soar in summer, but it remains comfortable for the most part. Temperatures are an average of 32 ºC in summer.

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