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Abitanti 1400
Livello sul mare 430 metri
Aeroporto più vicino Gibraltar, Malaga
Distanza dall'aeroporto 50 km
Distanza dalla spiaggia 14 km
Temperatura massima 40 °C
Temperatura minima 5 °C


Casares is a gorgeous whitewashed village set in a mountainous landscape with panoramic views down to the Mediterranean sea and across to Gibraltar and the north African coastline. The pueblo is located in the western region of the Costa del Sol, close to the seaside resort of Estepona, which is approximately 27 kilometres, or half an hour by car.

There is an old fortress at the pinnacle of the village some 1400 feet above sea level, which would have been a superb vantage point during a time of invasion and piracy. The village streets are narrow and wind steeply through the buildings; be prepared for a steep and energetic climb, rather than a tranquil stroll through the village.

Casares with its dominating view is a magical place to visit, and offers those who stay an authentic Andalusian experience.

Natural environment
The scenery around Casares is truly magnificent; it is well worth spending some time to go wandering in the neighbouring region, where you will find a delightful array of flora and fauna, plus you can park at the top of the village at lookout area, or ‘mirador’, to enjoy the view and the country air at your leisure.

Watch for peregrine falcons and kestrels and, on a clear day, you will be able to spy on the African coast with the Rock of Gibraltar looming craggily in the foreground.

The nearest beaches are those in Casares bay around 14 kilometres down to the coast, around a 25 minute drive to the bottom. The beaches here are of a very high standard, kept clean and with all necessary facilities. Some have been awarded blue-flag status for excellence.

There are a number of quaint villages taverns in the plaza, there is also a good international restaurant and many ventas (roadside economy restaurants) along the route. Casares' cuisine is typical of the Costa del Sol and Malaga region, with lots of seafood and rice and meat on the grill or barbecue; plus chorizo sausage, fried eggs, chips and green peppers is also a delicious, but cholesterol-laden dish.

Casares enjoys a sub-tropical Mediterranean climate, with hot summers and warm winters. Cooling breezes from the sea make the summer heat manageable; temperatures average 32 ºC during the summer.

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