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La Vall De Laguar

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Abitanti 987
Livello sul mare 500 metri
Aeroporto più vicino Alicante
Distanza dall'aeroporto 117 km
Distanza dalla spiaggia 20 km
Temperatura massima 40 °C
Temperatura minima 10 °C

La Vall de Laguar

La Vall de Laguar is a valley region in the Marina Alta of the province of Alicante that includes the sanatorio San Antonio de Borja de Fontilles and the three villages of Campell (in the South), Fleix (in the centre) and Benimaurell (to the North) and approximately 1 hour 45 minutes from Alicante’s International airport.

Located in the north of the province of Alicante, 500 metres above sea level and about 20 km from the beaches, the area is an ideal place for those who enjoy walking and hiking holidays, as there are many official local routes to enjoy in the area, as well as some wonderful natural scenery.

Leisure and recreation
With its many walking routes, La Vall de Laguar is the choice for outdoor lovers. One of the most famous routes is in the area of “Barranc del Infern”, otherwise known as “Hell’s ravine”; it’s a 14km walk of medium difficulty, taking you up to 1690 metres.


The magnificent fine sandy beaches of Denia and Oliva are just a short drive away

Oliva, designed by Seve Ballesteros, and La Estrella designed by José Maria Olazabal, both offer an exciting challenge for golfers of all levels.

The local cuisine is typically that of the Costa Blanca, which combines delicacies from both land and the Mediterranean Sea. Many civilizations have lived in this area (Celts, Iberians, Greeks, Romans, Muslims), all of which have all left their mark on the gastronomy.

The diet is a healthy Mediterranean one; the Costa Blanca is rich in fish, vegetables, olive-oil, rice and fruit and the ingredients which are all used to prepare delicious, healthy dishes, such as Paella Valenciana, Arroz Negro (black rice), Arroz al horno (Oven baked rice), Arroz a banda (fish and rice stew), Arroz del Señoret (Princes rice).

Aside from seafood, typical dishes include succulent lamb chops, rabbit in garlic, roast leg of lamb with garlic and fresh rosemary, and home made sausages and black puddings.

If you have a sweet tooth then you will enjoy the local homemade pastries and deserts that the whole region is famous for. Or Jijona ice cream (Nougat), which is made with the almonds of the region.

Whilst in La Vall de Laguar we recommend you try the local wine selection on offer, especially Jalon wine, which is of high quality with a lovely bouquet.

There are many international restaurants in the town offering a wide choice of different cuisines from around the world.

La Vall de Laguar enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate, very hot in summer and protected by surrounding mountains against the cold North winds in winter. The area averages nearly 3,000 hours of sunshine each year and the average temperature easily exceeds 20 degrees.

In 1986 the World Health Organisation recommended the climate of the area as one of the most equitable in the world - neither too hot in the summer nor too cold in the winter. On average it can boast 325 sunny days each year making it an ideal all year round destination.

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