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Abitanti 7000
Livello sul mare 80 metri
Aeroporto più vicino Malaga
Distanza dall'aeroporto 30 km
Distanza dalla spiaggia 32 km
Temperatura massima 40 °C
Temperatura minima 5 °C

Pizarra is a tiny town lying 30 kilometres upriver from Malaga in the Guadalhorce valley at the foot of the Sierra del Haco; the town is within easy reach of the capital and its international airport.

An inland farming community, Pizarra is situated on the local railway line between Alora and Malaga and has managed to retain much of its old character charm, avoiding excessive development.

The town dates back to 1483, being largely neglected by the Romans and Moors, it took the Christian conquest to make the area into a settlement. The reason behind the lack of interest in the area beforehand was the position of a very unstable and enormous rock that sat high above the area where the town stands. The rock known as Peñasco was more than 5000 cubic metres and weighed almost 3000 tonnes. In 1988 when it show signs of cracking, it was finally blown up.

Around town
The town has all the facilities expected of a small Andalusian inland town and boasts a good nightlife.

The Pizarra Municipal Museum is worth a visit, an impressive museum which was created to exhibit the archaeological findings of the American painter Gino Hollander, who lived in the village for many years. When he left Pizarra to return to America he left the collection behind and it was left to the local Ayuntamiento (local council), who decided to create the museum to display the impressive collection.

The Church of San Pedro, Palacio de los Condes de Puerto Hermoso (the Palace of the Counts of Puerto Hermoso), Hermanas de la Cruz convent and Nuestra Señora de la Fuensanta hermitage area also worthwhile a visit whilst you are in the area.

Natural surroundings
Situated in the Guadalhorce Valle, in rich irrigated lowlands abundant with citrus and other fruit trees, Pizarra boasts a beautiful natural environment, perfect for lovers of the great outdoors.

Traces of prehistoric settlements have also been found in the municipality and remains of Phoenician life have also been discovered.

Eating out & nightlife
Although on the surface Pizarra appears to be a laidback Andalusian village, scratch the surface and you will find a surprising number of cafes, bars and restaurants, more than you will find in your typical whitewashed pueblo.

There is of course typical Malagueñan cuisine on offer, tapas, seafood, etc, but you will also find restaurants serving British, French and Italian restaurants and even more astonishing are the options for a night filled with music and dance, with several nightclubs and disco bars in the town. Here you will have a good opportunity to mix with the locals and have a fun night out, Andalusian-style.

Pizarra enjoys the sub-tropical Mediterranean climate, which has hot summers and warm winters. Divided from the sea by the mountains means the heat can soar in summer, but it remains comfortable for the most part. Temperatures are an average of 32 ºC in summer

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19 ottobre, 2014
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