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Joris Willemse

Nice, simple village with very friendly people. Excellent pizzas at Don Tomate (also take-away) and certainly worth to have diner at the Tecina Golf restaurant at the sea.

Case vacanze in primo piano in Canarie

La Gomera

Home to the National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site of La Garanjonay, La Gomera is a natural jewel in the archipelago Canary Islands. Here you will find species that are otherwise extinct in most destinations, dense forests, deep ravines and a prehistoric landscape that has been sculpted over millions of years.

La Gomera is the second smallest and one of the most unspoilt islands of the Canary Islands, and is a walkers paradise. The landscape is characterized by rugged mountains, earth valleys and tropical misty forests.

St Sebastian
In the east of La Gomera you find the main town of St Sebastian. Situated on rugged mountain slopes, surrounded by lush valleys, beaches and picturesque villages. Although the main town, St Sebastian is a laid-back and charming place to visit, full of cultural attractions and a wonderful ferry and yacht harbour.

La Gomera – West
To the west of La Gomera is an area of traditional villages, such as one of the more popular destinations on the island of Valle Gran Rey, with its wild mountain landscapes and palm trees, which define the scenery of the region.

The legendary valley, Valle Gran Rey, has become a popular destination, where you will find a spectacular valley, which opens out to the sea. The sub-tropical climate means that there is an abundance of tropical fruit trees and banana plantations.

La Playa is the main tourist destination, situated on a black sand beach, there are many places to stay, a small promenade and plenty of amenities in this charming beach resort

La Puntilla is a coastal stretch between the harbour and the Playa des Valle Gran Rey. The area has an abundance of amenities, bars and restaurants, all situated around a small lagoon, Charco del Conde.

Vueltas is a protected fishing harbour, lying at the foot of a steep cliff. Here you will find some
charming, old bars, shops and a pleasant, upbeat atmosphere.

The Upper Valley is not so widely visited, and but is scenically beautiful with steep cliffs, small
villages, colourful gardens and luscious palm groves.

La Gomera – North
The north of La Gomera is characterised by lush green valleys and steep rock faces covered in greenery. The region is an ideal destination for walking and hiking holidays.

The traditional towns and villages of the area are particularly charming. Including the traditional
village of Hermigua, which lies in a stunning green valley. The town of Vallehermoso, which translates as Beautiful Valley, is shadowed by a 400 metre volcanic vent, Roque Cano. Here you can enjoy banana plantations, vineyards, and valleys.

The enchanting town of Agulo with its narrow, winding lands and colonial-style buildings is worth a visit and Los Organos, located to the north is considered to be one of the best examples of basalt formation in the Canary Islands.

La Gomera – South
In the south of La Gomera, the sun always shines. Here you will find idyllic hamlets, wild ravines and a wonderful coastline. Situated 800 metres above sea level is the town of Alajero, which is particularly spectacular during the winter, when fog sweeps off the sea, covering the town and surrounding landscape. The fishing village
of Playa Santiago is situated in the delta of a series of ravines. Here you can enjoy a picturesque surround and quiet, relaxing atmosphere.

Garajonay National Park
The Garajonay National Park is a spectacular landscape of evergreen mist-covered forests, set in the central highland of La Gomera. White houses are dotted throughout terraced fields and old mountain villages cling to the green slopes.

The Garajonay National Park has a unique eco-system and is of extreme ecological importance for the Canary Islands. The highest point of La Gomera is found in the national park and on a clear day you can see the islands of El Hierro, La Palma, Tenerife and Gran Canaria.

La Gomera – Activities
La Gomera offers a diverse range of activities, and definitely suits the eco tourist or outdoor pursuits lover. Here you can enjoy a range of leisure pursuits, such as walking holidays,
cycling, boat tours, golf, diving and sailing.

La Gomera boasts a beautiful all year round sub-tropical climate, with trade winds. The nicest time to visit is during the autumn and spring months, but you can visit anytime of the year
and be guaranteed of good weather.

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Nice, simple village with very friendly people. Excellent pizzas at Don Tomate (also take-away) and certainly worth to have diner at the Tecina Golf restaurant at the sea.
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